About us

In 2014 I designed my first jacket without knowing that this would be the first stone that would build the foundations of what today is Ara de Rey.


It was a coincidence, since I designed it simply to give myself the whim of being able to have the garment with which I had always dreamed and that no matter how much I looked for, I could not find. The surprise came when I finally managed, not without much work, to bring that design to reality: people asked me about it on the street! Thus was born, which to this day remains the firm's best seller: the Bullina Total Black.


My name is Zoe Rey and I am the founder of Ara de Rey. Although I studied Business Administration and Management, I have always been a designer at heart. I think it is something that I have inherited from my maternal great-grandmother, without a doubt a fundamental piece in my life and the one that gives its name to the firm, her name was Araceli. I will never have enough life to thank him for the values he instilled in me and for all that he loved me.


I am sure that it is thanks to the mark that she left on me that I have been able to transmit to the brand such important values as education, respect, empathy and closeness to each person, whether they know them or not. And I say that I have transmitted them to the brand, because every day I deal with clients who return that same treatment and that good vibration that I am talking about.


Each AdR garment has a piece of me and another piece of she.




So… what is Ara de Rey?


Ara de Rey was born in December 2015 and is a women's clothing firm in which we create from scratch each and every one of the garments that make up each collection. 

From the design on paper to the hand placement of the last piece that adorns each garment, through the choice of fabrics, the creation of patterns and total control of the entire production process.



What is our identity seal?


I have never liked staying half in anything, so I could not settle for creating a brand that did not have everything that is essential for me:


  • Garments with a unique design. Special and different from everything else.


  • But not the kind that you see in the back of the closet and you take them out once every 5 years. We bet on versatility. We want that depending on how you combine them, they are worth both for a most elegant event and for a casual plan with friends or family.


  • Also, high quality is a common denominator. And for this I always try to choose the best fabrics and trimmings. And of course bet on Made in Spain. All production processes are made in Spain.




Soon different fashion publications such as Elle, Telva, Vogue, Cosmopolitan ... as well as important influencers begin to notice us. And little by little, with a lot of work and respect for fashion and especially for our clients, we began to grow and make a place for ourselves in this wonderful world.

I would love for you to stay and help us to continue writing the history of a brand that started from scratch and whose future is yet to be discovered.


Zoe Rey